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Virginia Bluebells

Mertensia virginica. Boraginaceae. Virginica Bluebells are a stunning perennial with true blue, trumpet-shaped flowers that are pink/purple before fully opening. This spring ephemeral bears oval-shaped leaves and blooms from March to early June, getting to be up to two feet tall. Bluebells are typically found in moist, shaded forests, river edges, and clearings. Seeds ripen about one month after flowering, and by then plants will have already gone dormant, leaving no trace above ground. Pairs well with species of native Trillium, Jacob's Ladder, Wood Poppy, Soloman's Seal, Mayapple, and Dutchman's Breeches. Deer resistant. Black Walnut tolerant.

USA Native: AL , AR , DC , DE , GA , IA , IL , IN , KS , KY , MA , MD , ME , MI , MN , MO , MS , NC , NJ , NY , OH , PA , TN , VA , WI , WV

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