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Wild Leeks

Allium tricoccum. Liliaceae. Wild Leeks, or Ramps, are a prized native in the Lily family that have edible leaves and bulbs with a mild onion taste. Wild Leeks grow in medium-wet to medium-dry, shaded, deciduous woodland areas with rich, organic soil. In early spring, leaves appear, which die back and give way to a flower stalk about 6-12 inches tall in late spring. The stalk contains a cluster of small white flowers. New buds continue to form throughout May, June, and July. Spent flowers will produce seed heads in late summer which ripen in late August through September. Ramps can take 5-7 years to be ready for harvesting. To conserve ramps, harvest leaves rather than digging out the bulbs. Zones 3-7. Deer resistant.

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