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*We ONLY ship to: PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, RI, WV, VA, CT, MA, NH, VT, ME, OH, TN, KY, MI, IN, IL, NC*

Plant immediately!


NO NATIVARS/CULTIVARS! Open pollinated & grown from seed to ensure genetic diversity.


Plants are in quart sized pots.


Sambucus canadensis. Caprifoliaceae. 

Do you want to grow your own food? Elderberry is a great place to start! They are super easy!

A prized plant by birds and humans as well. Cooked berries are often made into jelly, wine, or used for medicinal purposes. Blooms in midsummer with berries ripening by late summer. A thicket-forming shrub that reaches up to 10 feet tall. Tolerates clay & grows in moist soil in full to part sun. Very adaptable. Great for pollinators and providing animal habitat. Host plant for the Cecropia moth - North America's largest native moth!

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