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Oxeye Sunflower - Heliopsis helianthoides

Oxeye Sunflower - Heliopsis helianthoides

*We ONLY ship to: PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, RI, WV, VA, CT, MA, NH, VT, ME, OH, TN, KY, MI, IN, IL, NC*


NO NATIVARS/CULTIVARS! Open pollinated & grown from seed to ensure genetic diversity.


Plants are in quart sized pots.


Heliopsis helianthoides. Asteraceae. 

False Sunflower or Oxeye Sunflower is a stunning, 3-5 ft. perennial that indeed has a similar look to typical sunflowers. A nice alternative option to the popular Black-Eyed Susan. Heliopsis blooms from summer to fall and prefers full sun to part shade with dry to average soils. Native habitats include open woodlands and meadows. Considered a keystone species for native bees!


    Plants are in quart-sized pots. Size of plants may vary slightly, but all plants shipped are rooted out. 

    Please plant in the correct location as soon as possible upon receiving your plant. 

    During the first couple of weeks after planting, check soil moisture and water as needed if the plant is looking stressed. After a couple of weeks, the plant should be rooted out into the soil and will not require additional watering, if planted in the right location.


    Please let us know within 3 days if there are any issues with your order. 

    We do not accept returns.


    We reuse cardboard boxes for shipping our plants. Plants are packaged in newspaper and secured tightly in their box. We secure our plants as best we can. Please know that you accept the risk of slight damage to the plants during shipment. 

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