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Great Blue Lobelia

Lobelia siphilitica. Campanulaceae. This blue-flowered perennial is completely stunning in a woodland or meadow garden and along streambanks. . Great Blue Lobelia reaches heights of 2-3 ft. and blooms from mid-summer through fall. This perennials enjoys clay, loam, and sandy soils, however it does not tolerate any drought. Soil must be moist at all times. Enjoys a range of light from full sun (with constant moisture) to full shade. Seeds from this plant can be collected between September and November.

L. siphilitica attracts pollinators such as hummingbirds and is recognized as attracting large amounts of native bees. Great Blue Lobelia also attracts beneficial predatory insects that aid in the destruction of pest insects. Usually unpalatable to deer.

Great Blue Lobelia contains toxic alkaloids and should not be ingested.

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