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Shadblow Serviceberry

Amelanchier canadensis. Rosaceae. Shadblow or Canadian Serviceberry is an attractive understory tree. In early spring, this tree produces beautiful white, fragrant flowers that give way to delicious edible berries in summer that taste like a cross between a blueberry and an apple. It is said that the berries of this species are tastier than that of A. arborea. This small, multi-trunked tree ranges between 15-30 feet tall with smooth, gray bark.

This species of Serviceberry enjoys wet feet more than its other native counterparts. Ranging from moist woodland borders to wetlands, this plant is quite adaptable. A. canadensis prefers moist, well-drained soils, but it is also tolerant of heavy clay soils as well. Light requirements range from full sun to mostly shade.

Shadblow Serviceberry is recognized as a tree with high wildlife value, with many species of wildlife depending on it for food. This tree is known to attract native bees.

A. canadensis has great potential for permaculture use. Great for use as a native property hedge or along a woodland's edge, stream, or pond.

This tree is subject to some minor disease issues such as rust and leaf spot. Usually cosmetic and not life-threatening. Somewhat deer resistant.

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